Java 1.1 Starfield Applet

To view this applet, you must enable Java in your browser.

Right back to the early days, I have always marvelled at computer generated starfields, especially like Star Raiders on the Atari 400/800.  So I figured that I would have to produce my own in Java 1.1.  When I first started coding this applet, I looked at some of the sample applets on the Java Boutique web site, and found a good sample one made by a guy called Will Schenk which included the full source.  I later completely rewrote and enhanced it to also include some fast 3D wireframe graphics, cool stuff!

Key controls:
    First click on the applet to set the GUI focus.
    1,2,3,4,5,6 - sets the starfield direction
    0 - turns off the starfield
    g - toggles wireframe graphics
    i - toggles applet infomation
    m - toggles max speed (overides optimized timing)
    o - toggles optimized timing

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