The Nova Programming Language

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SDL2 Emscripten/Wasm examples:

1. Minimal SDL2 example.
SDL2_01 [Rectangle] Source

2. Simple SDL2 example with moving rectangle.
SDL2_02 [Moving Rectangle] Source

3. Minimal OpenGL ES window, just displaying a background colour.
SDL2_03 [OpenGL Window] Source

4. Simple monochrome OpenGL ES triangle.
SDL2_04 [OpenGL ES Triangle] Source

5. OpenGL ES triangle coloured using its vertex positions in the fragment shader.
SDL2_05 [OpenGL ES Triangle 2] Source

6. OpenGL ES triangle coloured via a buffer object from the main program.
SDL2_06 [OpenGL ES Triangle 3] Source

7. Minimal rotating OpenGL ES cube.
SDL2_07 [OpenGL ES Cube] Source

8. Simple interactive OpenGL ES cube.
SDL2_08 [OpenGL ES Cube 2] Source

9. Interactive OpenGL ES cube with procedural texture.
SDL2_09 [OpenGL ES Cube 3] Source

10. Interactive OpenGL ES cube using a loaded '.png' texture.
SDL2_10 [OpenGL ES Cube 4] Source

11. Interactive OpenGL ES cube using a loaded '.jpg' texture.
SDL2_11 [OpenGL ES Cube 5] Source

12. Interactive OpenGL ES cube using a loaded '.bmp' texture.
SDL2_12 [OpenGL ES Cube 6] Source

Source code examples:

Nova source code files have the .nova filename extension.

Lang_01 [hello world!].nova
Lang_02 [declarations].nova
Lang_03 [if statement].nova
Lang_04 [while loops].nova
Lang_05 [Streams].nova
Lang_06 [calling local static methods].nova
Lang_07 [method parameters].nova
Lang_08 [static attributes].nova
Lang_09 [creating classes].nova
Lang_10 [immutable objects].nova
Lang_11 [dot operator].nova
Lang_12 ['return' keyword].nova
Lang_13 [operators].nova
Lang_14 [do-while loops].nova
Lang_15 [parentheses].nova
Lang_16 [for loops].nova
Lang_17 ['null' keyword].nova
Lang_18 ['this' keyword].nova
Lang_19 [arrays (single dimension)].nova
Lang_20 [command line arguments].nova
Lang_21 [method references (static)].nova
Lang_22 [method references (instance)].nova
Lang_23 [method references (concatenation)].nova
Lang_24 [arrays (jagged)].nova
Lang_25 ['break' keyword].nova
Lang_26 ['continue' keyword].nova
Lang_27 [inheritance].nova
Lang_28 [virtual functions].nova
Lang_29 [Thread class].nova
Lang_30 [abstract methods].nova
Lang_31 [interfaces].nova
Lang_32 [default constructor calls].nova
Lang_33 [interfaces II].nova
Lang_34 [unary inc-dec operators].nova
Lang_35 [primitive implicit casts].nova
Lang_36 [Unicode].nova
Lang_37 [max-min values].nova
Lang_38 [exception handling].nova

NFC_01 [OpenGLWindow].nova
NFC_02 [OpenGL Colour Cube].nova
NFC_03 [FrameWindow].nova
NFC_04 [Applet class].nova
NFC_05 [FrameWindow using Inheritance].nova
NFC_06 [FrameWindow with OpenGL].nova
NFC_07 [OpenGL Applet].nova
NFC_08 [OpenGL Colour Cube Applet].nova
NFC_09 [OpenGL Gears Applet].nova
NFC_10 [OpenGL Teapot Applet].nova
NFC_11 [OpenGL Spheres Applet].nova
NFC_12 [OpenGL Applet using 'onIdle' event handler].nova

SDL_01 [SDL-OpenGL Triangle].nova
SDL_02 [SDL-OpenGL Gears].nova
SDL_03 [SDL-OpenGL NeHe's Lesson 02].nova

SDL2_01 [Static Rectangle].nova
SDL2_02 [Moving Rectangle].nova
SDL2_03 [OpenGL Window].nova
SDL2_04 [OpenGL ES Triangle].nova
SDL2_05 [OpenGL ES Triangle 2].nova
SDL2_06 [OpenGL ES Triangle 3].nova
SDL2_07 [OpenGL ES Cube].nova
SDL2_08 [OpenGL ES Cube 2].nova
SDL2_09 [OpenGL ES Cube 3].nova
SDL2_10 [OpenGL ES Cube 4].nova
SDL2_11 [OpenGL ES Cube 5].nova
SDL2_12 [OpenGL ES Cube 6].nova

Cpw_01 [Cpw-OpenGL Triangle].nova
Cpw_02 [Cpw-OpenGL Teapot].nova

D3D9_01 [Direct3D9Window].nova
D3D9_02 [Direct3D9 with FrameWindow].nova
D3D9_03 [Direct3D9 Applet].nova
D3D9_04 [Direct3D9 Applet using 'onIdle' event handler].nova

xhtml examples (ActiveX / Mozilla plugins - Deprecated):

Nova Dual XHTML 1.1 Object Tag.html
Nova Minimal XHTML 1.1 Object Tag (Not IE Compatible).html
Nova OpenGL Applets x2.html
Nova OpenGL Applets x4 (Frameset - Fixed Size).html
Nova OpenGL Applets x4 (Frameset - Full Size).html
Nova OpenGL Applets x4.html
Nova OpenGL Colour Cube Applet (Full Page).html
Nova OpenGL Colour Cube Applet (source).html
Nova OpenGL Colour Cube Applet.html
Nova OpenGL Gears Applet.html
Nova OpenGL Triangle Applet (source).html
Nova OpenGL Triangle Applet.html
Nova Direct3D9 Triangle Applet.html