Handy Uniform Resource Locators

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British (organic)

Abel & Cole Organic Deliveries www.abel-cole.co.uk
Alara Wholefoods LTD www.alara.co.uk
A Lot of Organics Search Engine www.alotoforganics.co.uk
Aspall's Vinegar Company www.aspall.co.uk
Baby Organix www.babyorganix.co.uk
By Nature www.bynature.co.uk
Clearspring www.clearspring.co.uk
Clipper Teas www.clipper-teas.co.uk
EcoCentric co-founded by Oliver Heath www.ecocentric.co.uk
EcoNat www.econat.co.uk
ECOZONE www.ecozone.co.uk
Farmaround Ltd www.farmaround.co.uk
The Fresh Food Company www.freshfood.co.uk
Friends Organic Natural Healthfood and Remedies www.friendsorganic.co.uk
Gossypium Eco-Cotton Store www.gossypium.co.uk
Gaia Books www.gaiabooks.com
Good Food Delivery www.goodfooddelivery.co.uk
Greenfibres www.greenfibres.com
Kate L Pugh's Web Page www.earth.li/~kake
Leaves Of Life www.leavesoflife.org
London Vegans Home Page www.londonvegans.org.uk
LUMA Organic Fabrics www.lumadirect.com
Naturesave Home Insurance www.naturesave.co.uk
Nigel's Eco Store www.nigelsecostore.com
Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page www.mad-cow.org
OrganicFoodee.com www.organicfoodee.com
P.E.T.A. www.peta.org.uk
Plants for a Future www.pfaf.org
Pure Nuff Stuff www.purenuffstuff.co.uk
Redwood Wholefood Company www.redwoodfoods.co.uk
Riverford Organic www.riverford.co.uk
Sainsburys www.j-sainsbury.co.uk
Simply Organic www.simplyorganic.co.uk
Soil Association www.soilassociation.org
Solartwin www.solartwin.com
Spirit Of Nature www.spiritofnature.co.uk
Suma Wholefoods www.suma.co.uk
There Must Be a Better Way! www.theremustbeabetterway.co.uk
The Village Bakery www.village-bakery.com
Uber Organic - North London Deliveries www.uberorganic.co.uk
Uncaged Campaigns www.uncaged.co.uk
Unicorn Grocery www.unicorn-grocery.co.uk
Vegan Society UK www.vegansociety.com
Vegan Village www.veganvillage.co.uk
Vegetarian Society UK www.vegsoc.org
Whole Earth www.wholeearthfoods.com

International (organic)

Allison's Gourmet www.allisonsgourmet.com
Aubrey Organics www.aubrey-organics.com
California Certified Organic Farmers www.ccof.org
Don't Panic Eat Organic www.rain.org/~sals/my.html
Door to Door Organics www.doortodoororganics.com
Energy Star www.energystar.gov
Envirolink Network www.envirolink.org
Not Milk www.notmilk.com
Organic Kitchen www.organickitchen.com
Provamel www.provamel.com
Raw Food Guide www.rawfood.com
Real Food Daily www.realfood.com
The Body Shop www.thebodyshop.com
Whole Foods Market www.wholefoodsmarket.com

Handy general internet sites

British Mensa www.mensa.org.uk
Google www.google.com
Guardian Newspaper www.guardian.co.uk
NVIDIA www.nvidia.com
OpenGL.org www.opengl.org
Really Slick Screensavers www.reallyslick.com
Stephen Hawking www.hawking.org.uk
TimeOut Magazine www.timeout.com
University of Westminster www.westminster.ac.uk
Wendy Brandon Handmade Preserves www.wendybrandon.co.uk
Yahoo! www.yahoo.com

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